SOLAR ELECTRIC SKYLIGHT services throughout northern rivers


The Redilight Solar Hybrid Skylight alternative offers a Green Energy solution for light starved areas around the home or office and is becoming a product of choice for ever increasing high density housing environments.

During the day it acts like a skylight powered completely by the sun via a solar panel, if full powered light is required either during the day or night it can be simply switched over to the grid for full powered light.


Free to operate – The Redilight system doesn’t cost one cent to operate whilst being powered by the sun… Yes that’s right, FREE Light!

Options – A Special feature of the SPECTRA system is its ability to incorporate a Day/Night kit which enables the same lights to be used at night or during the day for full powered light.

Quality – Using only the highest of quality componentry coupled with exceptional warranties, The Redilight system aims to deliver years of trouble free uninterrupted light.


No large roof penetrations, so no worrying about storm damage. 

Maintenance free sealed light source, so no cleaning required!

Unlike conventional skylights, there is no heat transfer in or out of the home. 

Light can be collected on the North facing roof, regardless of skylight location. 

Skylights can be installed on lower floors where they couldn’t be previously.

Servicing Northern NSW from Evans Head to Tweed Heads, The Skylight Man provides prompt and affordable repairs and installations of skylights, roof windows and ventilation systems.
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